• ohitssparkling:

    It’s a great big world out there
    And I know I’m not on my own
    But I can’t help but stare ‘cause it
    Feels like everybody has got somebody but me
    But when there’s someone here
    All I do is let it bleed,

    I know I’m not alone
    But tonight I feel lonelier than ever.

  • I love the feeling when you smile at a stranger as you pass them and they smile back at you :)

  • ohitssparkling:

i know you all want a room tour and you will get one, but ya know, here’s a picture of my room from one angle haha :)

Saturday Bold Bean stops ❤️

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot: Colorado Road Trip
    The thing about life is that it’s never as sweet as it seems, and always grander than you think. - Learning life (via starlit-glory)
    You know there’s somebody looking out for you, somebody guiding you, and there’s a greater plan. - Hunter Hayes (via theedgeofakiss)

mornings with You.

chelsieautumn totaaaally thought this was you and ryan!